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The Benefits of LandLeader Marketing

Austin Callison

My experience goes as far back as my upbringing in a small ranching community in Northern California...

My experience goes as far back as my upbringing in a small ranching community in Northern California...

Oct 24 5 minutes read


Our members possess a unique, in-depth knowledge of the land; its values and possibilities. They understand the importance of water and mineral rights, development opportunities, the pride of ownership, and the importance of representing their client's interest with integrity. LandLeader brokers are experts in their region and are familiar with all the nuances involved with buying or selling specialty properties.

Comprehensive Marketing

The LandLeader system takes a holistic approach to the marketing process. No avenue is left unexplored as they pioneer new methodologies in acreage marketing.  They promote their properties through multiple targeted websites, magazines, national television ads, social media, catalogs, and more.

Online Presence

The cutting edge website receives over 50,000 monthly visitors. It provides user-friendly searching capabilities with custom web pages for each property that include maps and in-depth details that you will not find on a typical real estate website. In addition, LandLeader listings are syndicated and featured on up to 1100+ real estate related websites, specifically the most visited land and networking websites like,,,,  This is nearly 3 times more syndication than you would get from the local MLS.

LandLeader TV Show

The LandLeader television show, which airs on RFD-TV, is an outdoor program that reaches 48 million households nationwide three times each week.  The opportunity to be featured on this program is exclusive to clients of LandLeader members.

National Catalog

LandLeader periodically distributes over 80,000 catalogs to high-end clients, buyers and sellers.  Besides listings, this over 100-page high-quality publication also features articles and news that directly relates to selling and owning land or specialty properties.

Broker Network

The LandLeader Network is comprised of real estate professionals across the country that specialize in selling lifestyle properties. As an exclusive member of LandLeader, The Callison Group leverages this premier network to promote their listings to other real estate experts.  For example, if a real estate agent in Tennessee has a buyer looking for a farm in Idaho, we already have an established connection to make this transition seamless.

Access to Cutting-Edge Technology

More than just a website, LandLeader Marketing Programs represent the very latest in marketing technology. The marketing professionals affiliated with LandLeader, LLC is committed to promoting their properties through mobile-friendly technology, as well as traditional methods. They leverage the power of cooperative spending to maximize their client's exposure in the market and are constantly looking for new ways to promote their client's properties.

Many of the Callison Group’s past clients can attest that using these services boosted the exposure of their farms, ranches, or recreational homes.  Feel free to contact us to schedule a private consultation to learn more.

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