A Guide to Treasure Valley Wineries

Some of Idaho’s finest wines are produced in the lush vineyards and rich soil of the Snake River Valley in Southwest Idaho. The wine culture in Idaho has steadily been increasing and Idaho’s winemakers are receiving accolades for their unique and sophisticated flavors. These agricultural gems are a great place to visit not only to enjoy the wine, but the beautiful countryside. Many wineries offer tours, wine tastings, festivals, and events. If you are looking to explore some of our delectable and distinctive local wine varieties, you will find this guide helpful!

 Idaho Wineries

3 Horse Ranch Vineyards 

Location: 5900 Pearl Road, Eagle, Idaho
Phone: (208) 863-6561
Local Favorite: 2016 Pinot Gris Dry 3HR-SV
Amenities: Wine Tasting. Wine Tours. Luncheons.


Bitner Vineyards 

Location: 16645 Plum Road, Caldwell, Idaho 
Phone: (208) 455-1870. 
Local Favorite: Menopause Merlot
Amenities: Wine tasting. Bed and Breakfast Accommodations.  Live music during the summer months. 


Fujishin Family Cellars 

Location: 15593 Sunnyslope Road, Caldwell, Idaho 
Phone: (208) 649-5389 
Local Favorite: 2013 Reserve Petite Sirah
Amenities: Wine Club. Wine Tasting.  


HAT Ranch Winery

Location: 15343 Plum Road, Caldwell, Idaho 
Phone: (208) 994-6416
Local Favorite: 2015 Dry Moscato
Amenities: Wine Club. Wine Tasting. Wine Tours.


Hells Canyon Winery 

Location: 18835 Symms Road, Caldwell, Idaho 
Phone: (208) 454-3300
Local Favorite: 
Amenities: Wine Club. Wine Tasting.


Huston Vineyards

Location: 16473 Chicken Dinner Road, Caldwell, Idaho
Phone: (208) 455-7975
Local Favorite: 2014 Private Reserve Petite Sirah
Amenities: Wine Club. Wine Tasting. Wine Tours.


Indian Creek Winery

Location: 1000 N McDermott, Kuna, Idaho
Phone: (208) 891-7151
Local Favorite: 2014 Monastrell
Amenities: Wine Tasting. Wedding & Event Venue. Hermit Music Festival.


Koenig Distillery & Winery 

Location: 21452 Hoskins Road, Caldwell, Idaho (Tasting Room)
Phone: (208) 459-4087
Local Favorite: 2013 Reisling Ice Wine
Amenities: Wine Club. Wine Tasting.


Mouvance Winery 

Location: 1414 West Grove Street, Boise, Idaho 
Phone: (208) 629-7781 
Local Favorite: 2012 Donna Jean Pinot Noir
Amenities: Wine Club.


Ste. Chapelle Winery 

Location: 19348 Lowell Road, Caldwell, Idaho 
Phone: (208) 453-7843 or (877) 783-2427 
Local Favorite: Soft Huckleberry
Amenities: Wine Club. Wine Tasting. Wine Tours. Gift Shop. Live Music. Wedding & Event Venue.


Sawtooth Winery

Location: 13750 Surrey Lane, Nampa, Idaho 
Phone: (208) 467-1200
Local Favorite: Skyline Red
Amenities: Wine Club. Wine Tasting. Wedding & Event Venue. 


Snake River Winery 

Location: 786 W Broad Street, Boise, Idaho
Phone: (208) 345-9463
Local Favorite: 2009 Reserve Bordeaux Blend
Amenities: Wine Club.


Syringa Winery 

Location: 8991 S Greenhurst Road, Kuna, Idaho
Phone: (208) 440-1616
Local Favorite: 2011 Sangiovese
Amenities: Wine Club. Wine Tasting. Wine Tours.


Williamson Orchard & Vineyard

Location: 14807 Sunnyslope Road, Caldwell, Idaho
Phone: (208) 459-7333
Local Favorite: Doce Dessert Wine.
Amenities: Wine Club. Wine Tasting. Dinners. Gift Shop.

Don’t see your favorite wine or favorite vineyard listed?  We would love your feedback! Also, if you would like to learn more about Idaho’s wineries and events?  Check out the Idaho Wine Commission website at www.idahowines.org.

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