Boise Neighborhoods With Craftsman Bungalow Style Homes

Boise Neighborhoods With Bungalows

Boise is a city rich in history and architectural diversity. Among its many charming neighborhoods, those featuring Craftsman bungalow-style homes stand out for their unique character and timeless beauty. These homes, which first gained popularity in the early 20th century, are famous for their attention to detail and craftsmanship. Craftsman bungalow-style homes are typically one-and-a-half stories high and are characterized by their low-pitched gabled roofs, wide eaves with exposed rafters, and large front porches supported by tapered columns. The use of natural materials such as wood and stone is a hallmark of this style, and interiors often include built-in furniture, fireplaces, and open floor plans. This guide will explore five of the best Boise neighborhoods with craftsman bungalow-style homes.

Locust Grove

Locust Grove beautifully showcases Craftsman bungalow-style homes. Homeowners enjoy a strong sense of community and the area's many green spaces. Streets are lined with mature trees, offering both shade and aesthetic appeal. The neighborhood's convenient location provides access to parks, shops, and many restaurants.  Many of Locust Grove's bungalows feature spacious porches perfect for relaxing and socializing with new neighbors. The interiors of these homes frequently boast custom woodwork, built-in shelves, and cozy nooks that highlight the work often associated with the Craftsman style.

Harrison Boulevard

Harrison Boulevard is well-known for its grand, historic homes, many of which are exquisite examples of Craftsman bungalows. This prestigious boulevard offers a glimpse into Boise's architectural past with its well-preserved historic homes. Residents take pride in maintaining the beauty and integrity of these homes, which often feature detailed woodwork, intricate window designs, and inviting front porches. The street itself is wide and tree-lined, providing a delightful setting for community events. Harrison Bolevard’s prime location near the Boise River and downtown adds to its appeal, offering easy access to both outdoor activities and urban amenities.

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Hyde Park Historic District

The Hyde Park Historic District is a booming area known for its eclectic mix of Craftsman bungalows, among other historic home styles. This neighborhood brims with character and offers a lively atmosphere with its numerous local businesses, cafes, and boutiques. Hyde Park's Craftsman bungalows often feature beautiful stonework, arts and crafts detailing, and unique architectural elements that reflect the original builders' artistry. The community is tight-knit, with regular neighborhood gatherings and events that foster a strong sense of belonging. Hyde Park's close proximity to Camel's Back Park and the Boise Foothills makes it a haven for those who like to stay active outside but still appreciate the pros of city living.

Elm Grove

Elm Grove is a quaint and quiet Boise neighborhood. This area is favored for its peaceful environment and family-friendly atmosphere. The bungalows in Elm Grove are notable for their charming details, such as decorative brackets, tapered columns, and extensive use of natural materials. The neighborhood's layout encourages walking and biking, with easy access to local schools and other community amenities. Residents enjoy the well-maintained parks and the strong community ties that make the Elm Grove neighborhood feel like a small town within the city.

Highland Park

Highland Park is another lovely neighborhood that offers a wealth of Craftsman bungalow-style homes. It's known for its rolling hills and panoramic views. Homes in Highland Park often include distinctive features such as exposed beams, handcrafted woodwork, and built-in cabinetry. The neighborhood prides itself on its excellent schools, parks, and recreational facilities. Highland Park residents take pride in their homes and community, participating in neighborhood associations and events that enhance the area's appeal.

East End

The East End is another historic neighborhood featuring an array of homes set against a backdrop of tree-lined streets. This area is popular for both its relaxed vibe and its proximity to Downtown Boise and the Boise River. The Craftsman bungalows in the East End are characterized by their refined architectural details, such as low-pitched roofs, broad eaves, and cozy front porches. Many homes feature beautiful gardens and outdoor living spaces, perfect for enjoying Boise’s mild climate. The East End fosters a strong community spirit, with residents actively engaging in local events, neighborhood beautification projects, and cultural activities.

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