The Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Eagle, ID

Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Eagle, ID

Eagle is a serene suburb nestled in the Boise foothills, boasting some of the most exquisite and affluent neighborhoods that the Gem State has to offer. With its charming downtown, expansive green spaces, and riverfront estates, Eagle provides an alluring blend of luxury and rustic beauty. In the heart of this picturesque setting, we find neighborhoods that are not only visual masterpieces but also bastions of comfort and luxury. Join us as we explore the very best of Eagle's residential districts.

Mace River Ranch 

Mace River Ranch is one of the premier neighborhoods in Eagle, ID. This community features custom-built homes on lots up to 3.9 acres. The properties vary in size but typically provide generous living spaces with average square footage ranging from 2,500 to over 4,000. The price range for homes in Mace River Ranch spans from the high $600,000s to several million dollars, reflecting the luxury status of the community.

Residents enjoy amenities that include direct access to the Mace River Ranch, a community clubhouse with a pool. Plus, residents can enjoy water features throughout the neighborhood, including a series of ponds and a natural preserve along the Boise River, promoting an outdoor and active lifestyle within a tranquil, high-end setting.

Corrente Bello 

Corrente Bello stands out as an exclusive community that echoes the charm and elegance of the Italian countryside living right in the heart of Eagle. Homebuyers have an assortment of options ranging from quaint villas to palatial estates designed to invoke a sense of timeless European architecture. The homes of Corrente Bello boast square footage in the range of 2,800 to over 6,000. The price for these exquisite homes starts in the high $900,000s and can climb well into the millions, ensuring an atmosphere of luxury and exclusivity. Community amenities are crafted to reinforce the luxurious experience with a grand clubhouse, a professional-grade tennis court, and a refreshing swimming pool.

Acres of meticulous landscaping accented with water features and walking paths provide a scenic backdrop to this neighborhood, promoting leisure and connection with nature. Corrente Bello's commitment to luxury and community warmly embraces residents with a backdrop that feels like an Italian paradise.

Luxury Homes in Eagle ID

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Williamson River Ranch 

Williamson River Ranch is a community that epitomizes luxury waterfront living with a modern twist. Here, residents can select from an array of home styles, including custom-built single-family houses that blend contemporary designs with comfort and sophistication. The homes vary significantly in size, offering an average square footage spanning from around 3,000 to upwards of 6,000. Prices in this prestigious enclave range from the low $1,000,000s, showcasing the community's exclusive appeal. 

Amenities include an opulent community clubhouse, meticulous landscaping, and walking paths that meander along the waterways, offering tranquil natural vistas. Adding to its allure is the access to a private beach along the Boise River, providing residents with a unique and serene riverside retreat.

Rivers End 

Rivers End is a community that marries the tranquility of a riverside haven with the sophistication of upscale living. With homes that reflect a blend of traditional and contemporary architecture, Rivers End offers a variety of residences, including custom estates and waterfront properties. The homes here boast square footage between approximately 3,500 to over 5,500. The price range in this serene subdivision begins in the high $1 million range and climbs to over $4 million, reflecting the exclusivity and elegance of the neighborhood.

Residents of Rivers End enjoy a suite of amenities that accentuate the luxury lifestyle. These amenities include stunning walking trails highlighting the beauty of the Boise River, beautiful common areas for relaxation and recreation in the clubhouse, and a community pool for a refreshing dip on sunny days. Rivers End is more than a community; it's a sanctuary where luxury meets nature's beauty.

Arrano Farms 

Arrano Farms presents a fresh vision of luxury living combined with rustic charm. The community offers a variety of home types, including expansive ranch-style homes and modern farmhouse designs. The average square footage for residences in Arrano Farms ranges from approximately 2,800 to over 6,000 square feet, allowing for spacious and versatile living spaces tailored to the needs of homeowners. The average cost for these exquisite homes is about $890,000.

Community amenities at Arrano Farms enrich the living experience, featuring walking trails that wind through open spaces and past delightful streams and ponds. Arrano Farms is a celebration of countryside serenity blended with upscale comfort, where each home is an oasis of Idaho's natural splendor.

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