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11 Simple Fall Home Decor Ideas

Austin Callison

My experience goes as far back as my upbringing in a small ranching community in Northern California...

My experience goes as far back as my upbringing in a small ranching community in Northern California...

Nov 9 7 minutes read

It's official—fall is here! While Mother Nature works her magic outside, you can do the same inside. These easy fall home decor ideas can "autumn-atically" transform your living room, front porch, dining room, and more.

This is the time of year all about coziness and making your home as inviting as possible. We've pulled together some of the coolest fall decorating ideas that are not only impressive but aren't difficult to do. From a cozy entrance and a crackling fire in the hearth to some perfectly placed blankets and pillows, your home will come alive with the fall spirit.

And best of all, these ideas work with any budget. Many of the items you can use are already in your yard: pinecones, leaves, branches. With these easy home decorating ideas for fall, your home will be the envy of the neighborhood.

1. A Cozy Entryway and Foyer 

Guests will feel at home from the minute they reach the front door. A fall door decoration really ups your home's curb appeal (we'll get to porch decorations in just a moment). A new coat of paint in an amber hue or wallpaper with colorful leaves immediately evokes the autumnal spirit. Adding some fresh orange and yellow flowers and a classic runner can make your home's entrance and foyer feel exceptionally welcoming.

2. Warm the Hearth with a Cozy Fire

There's nothing cozier than a room with a crackling fire. Winter's right around the corner—and your fireplace will soon get much more use. Remember to have a professional come to ensure your chimney is in working order.

Bonus tip: Decorate your mantel with gourds, maize, and other fall cornucopia items.

3. Add Hanging Baskets

Baskets can be hung from almost anywhere inside or outside your home. Wall baskets add texture to a room and can work regardless of the season. But hanging baskets work best in fall when the warm golds, browns, and other buff colors are paired with pumpkins and other fall decorations.

4. Speaking of Pumpkins...

Tis the season for pumpkins! While you can place these orange baubles on your front porch for all to see, you can also place them around your home's interior. After all, it can be fall indoors, too. Place some pumpkins where guests wouldn't typically expect to see them, such as in a corner in your foyer or on a countertop in your kitchen. Pumpkins help conjure the spirit of the season-best, adding a cozy ambiance wherever they're spotted—so think of other rooms in your home that could use a bit of the fall spirit.

5. Create a Gourd Display in Your Kitchen

Got some baskets left over from the third idea above? Or maybe some colorful bowls to match the season? Fill them with gourds and place them around your kitchen on countertops, on the table, or even on top of your fridge. The top of the refrigerator can become a catch-all, and this is the perfect time to clean off the top of your refrigerator. You can also fill the bowls with pinecones, apples, or fall-scented potpourri.

6. Forage for a Display All Your Own

Looking for a unique way to add some fall flair to your dining room? Forage your yard for fallen leaves or branches, and then style your findings in a vase. Not only is this a beautiful way to bring fall indoors—but it doesn't cost a thing!

7. Brighten Your Kitchen

Regardless of how big or small your kitchen is—or even its current color scheme—new flooring always changes a space. An affordable way of sprucing up your kitchen floor without breaking the bank is using a simple throw rug in warm, fall colors. This can really add to your home's inviting fall vibe while displaying your style. A multi-colored or fall-themed table runner could change the ambiance of your kitchen as well.

8. Make Art with Leaves

Many people have traditions of finding leaves and then pressing them in the pages of a book. Take this tradition one step further and use the leaves to make decorative statement pieces. Instead of framing them, use a mounting spray to affix them to white card stock then use golden thumbtacks to tack the finished pieces to your walls.

9. Hang Wreaths

Wreaths work for all occasions and seasons, but especially during fall. You can add a wreath to your front door, on the inside or outside of windows, on the middle of your breakfast nook, or even a bare wall to bring in the season. Fall wreaths can have various decorations, such as apples, mini maize cobs, and even fall flowers. This is a great way to herald in the season—indoors or out.

10. Create an Autumn Sitting Area

Capture fall with a themed space indoors or out. For instance, get your porch ready for fall with a pretty, yet functional rustic bench. This provides a great space to sip cups of cocoa while wrapped up in a warm wool blanket or for putting on boots once the snow hits. A basket with pinecones or firewood and a long, fall-colored runner or doormat completes the look.

11. Go Crazy on the Outside

Fall is the best season to decorate outside and give your home an amazing curb appeal. Decorate the entire space outside your home—think gourds and pumpkins in mounds around your yard; blankets draped across the porch swing; rocking chairs; giant holiday wreaths; or beautiful wooden outdoor welcome signs.

No matter what time of year, we're here to help—whether you just need decor ideas or you're staging your home for sale. 

If your plans include selling your home before the end of the year, we'd love to chat!

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